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 How do I download the kit I bought?

After every order, you will be granted with an instant download. This download may take everything from 10 seconds to 3 min to appear. If you choose to not download there, you will always receive a mail with your download link.

Any problems with downloads, please contact customer service or send a mail to for a fast answer.


How do I install the kits?

All our kits is delivered in .RAR files so the audio files will not be damaged during the download / unpacking. You need to extract the files from the .RAR files to start using them. You can extract the files from the .RAR file using a free application called "WinRar".


What happens if I get a placement with a sample from a kit?

For everything about clearences, guidelines and etc, every kit includes a document which explains how to get your sample(s) cleared. This information is written inside a text document, often inside the information tab inside the kit.

With that being said, you don't have to worry about if the sample will be cleared. All the samples we sell are composed and made by us, and everyone inside Fikon wants nothing more than placements. So you will be good to go to get your sample cleared for any major placements, or minor in that instance.


Do you do returns/refund?

No, we only sell digital products, so there is no way we can accurately approve that you have deleted, stopped using or uninstalled the digital product you have bought. Therefore, like every other digital product creators, we do not do returns/refunds.


Can I sell my kit through Fikon?

No, only Fikon Members can sell their kits on this site. We want quality over quantity.


How do I join Fikon?

This is the most asked question in our dms and to cut it short, there isn't really a way to join the group. 



Hopefully this helps your situation, if not, please feel free to contact ut!



Write us a message


Compatible with all DAWs. If necessary further specifications is listed on the product page.


Automatic download after checkout. Download link will also be sent to mail, available to download forever.


All our instruments, packs & kits are made with real instruments and hardware synthesizers.