Fraxille - Sample Library Vol. 1

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This is the first sample library from Fraxille. Featuring samples composed by Fraxille with acoustic and electric guitars, real synths and synths inside plugins, pianos, flutes and etc.

The library includes 90 samples, which are organized in different folders for easy access if you are in the studio with an artist or want to find a specific type of sample fast. The folders are;

  • Different - Unique/weird samples
  • Instruments - Guitar samples
  • Melodic - Melodic samples
  • Sauce - Bearnaise
  • Viby - They bounce

Placed loops: Mandarin, Engrave, Karat, Reckless


Migos x Justin Bieber - What You See

Gunna x Lil Gotit - High Profile

Melvoni - Chrome

Lil Gotit - Karate Kid